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Threading is an ancient method of removing hair from any area of your face. Threading has evolved as preferred choice for eyebrow shaping than any other alternative method.
One of the benefits of threading is less redness and irritation, and remarkable precision.
The final result after threading is amazing, fresh, and well-defined look.
Traditionally, threading is even used on the entire face, including upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns and cheeks.

Waxing is a very common method of removing unwanted hair from any part of the body. Waxing removes hair from the root, so that hair will not grow back in that area for 2-6 weeks.
We specialize in Brazilian waxing.
We make you comfortable with best waxing products, AND yes no DOUBLE DIPPING.

All facials include deep cleansing by removing blockages of pores through gentle cleaning and deep extraction with steam on your face and exfoliation with natural scrub, the process of facial can be concluded by herbal mud mask.
All facials are formulated to preserve the youthful qualities of the skin. It helps topurify the skin, rejuvenating the skin and delaying aging signs by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Henna Tattoos: 
Henna tattoos, also known as Mehndi, are another form of temporary tattoo. Coming from a south Asian tradition, henna uses a paste made from the powdered leaves of the Henna plant, Lawsonia inermis.